The luxury of Art Silk clothing collection - by Colin Heaney

A maverick in the truest sense of the word, Colin Heaney is a prolific artist - creative, colourful and multi dimensional. His expression crosses two and three dimensional forms: glass, textiles, architecture, sculpture, furniture and graphics.

For over 25 years he has been one of the world's most celebrated glass artists. He ran Australia's largest glass blowing factory between 1982 and 2005. Colin's pursuit of artistic and aesthetic excellence resulted in glass designs that were almost infinite in their variety and beguiling in colour, patterning and shape. His magnificent glass creations feature in private and corporate international collections around the world.

Turning his hand to silk in 2006, Colin is now solely devoted to textile design. In the detailed process from design to the finished artwork, Colin fuses his own wonderment of the digital world with the patterning and unique forms of nature.

Using the latest digital technology to achieve his artistic vision, elements of Colin's vibrant glass practice leap directly onto the silk. He creates elaborate designs that weave layer upon layer of intricate colour and patterning, which are then transformed into wearable art.

The intensity of his cosmic colour spectrum, the psychedelic schemes he employs and the finesse in the detail of his patterning reflect the design style shown in his glass artistry.

Colins philosophy about the creative process values paradoxes and interweaving sensorial experience. Beginning with no end in mind, suspending judgement, juxtaposing and fusing things together in his creative process, Colin's life and art both embrace this philosophy.

An extremely inventive person, Colin is always searching for new ways to explore his vision. He has worked primarily in 3D making sculptures and furniture, employing numerous techniques and media, primarily in glass, and also including metals, wood, stone, resin, wax and found objects throughout his life.

Colin Heaney knows the Art of Luxury and has created Luxury of Art in the divinely beautiful, high quality silk kaftans, sarongs, scarves and a co-ordinating swimwear collection. Each delicate piece in the Collection is an exquisite alchemy of art, a life time investment.

Richly detailed and intricately layered prints are designed to enhance the female form. The vivid colour combinations of the Collection are inspired from rhythms of music, dance, to unique architecture and the intimate interconnection of humans and nature.

Each piece is a labour of love, imbued with the precision of Colin Heaney, a perfectionist textile designer and visionary. From the unique mind of an exceptional artist to the form and body of a woman, it is the artist's intention that each garment move and uplift the wearer, transporting her to exotic locations and back to the true essence of herself.

By investing in a piece from The Luxury of Art Collection, you own a timeless piece of art, made in fine quality pure silk to treasure for a lifetime.