About Rupert Guenther

Rupert Guenther is a contemporary violinist-composer, international virtuoso and teacher.

He is known for his highly original works in modal, atonal and hybrid improvisations and soundscapes on acoustic & electric instruments.

His performances of new contemporary classical music as soloist and chamber musician have thrilled concert audiences all over the world and he has released over 15 CDs since 2003.

He teaches a breakthrough approach to classical music through improvisation which is being acclaimed by university faculty and professional musicians worldwide.

He is the founder of Integrated Contemporary Performance© and holds regular masterclasses in Australia, the UK and Europe in:
- New Classical Music Through Improvisation© (I, II & III)
- Chamber Music Improvisation© (I & II)
- Extended Techniques© (I & II)
- Healing Stage-Fright©
- Amplification, Acoustic & Electric Instruments©
- Studio & Stage Techniques©

His key areas of work are:
- to contribute to our global civilisation through performances of original, authentic new music which helps people to feel
- to assist classical musicians and ensembles to become original creative artists, creating their own new works in much the same way that a painter creates onto a blank canvas
- to assist people through music, the arts, life and education to to feel safe to connect with and be themselves, and to make their highest ideals and visions for the world a reality.

He holds a Diploma of Arts (Violin) from The Victorian College of The Arts in Melbourne where he studied with Donald Scotts and Brian Finlayson. He attended masterclasses with Professor Igor Ozim and studied for 3 years with Professor Helfried Fister in Klagenfurt, Austria.

For an up to date list of his concert tours and masterclasses see website www.rupertg.com

See also www.theinsightfoundation.org.au