Complimentary and integrated health services offer a 'walk with you approach' to traditional health.

They compliment the medical with broader spectrums of knowledge and experience enabling you the person in need, an opportunity to choose a less bio medical road to recovery and wellbeing. Modalities such as naturopathy, homeopathy, chinese medicine, acupuncture and qigong have been with us for many years if not many thousands of years. The basic approach of food as medicine, nutrition as complimentary therapy and therapuetuc touch and healing energy as the foundation for greater health and well being. Many people have discovered the positive effects of natural therapies and continue to build into their health regime ongoing visits to complimentary therapists and modalities.

Finding a professional complimentary practitioner with extensive knowledge and experience can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. Obviously the best way is by referal as you are getting information directly from someone who has experienced their services though this is not always a fool proof way to get the best practitioner for you. Basically all anyone really wants are reasonable re assurances that the service being offered are professional, effective and helpful in the first point of contact, and the best way to get to know this is to enquire. Beyond this its a personal feeling that reassures us that we have put our health and healing into the right hands and that we trust in their expertise.

There are some simple questions that we recommend you ask before you engage a practitoners services. Is their business registered? Do they have insurance (public liability and professional indemnity)? Are they or their practitioners qualified and experienced? What are their specific qualifications and experience? How long have they been qualified for and how long has the business been running for? Can they describe clearly and easily the nature of their service and how it could assist me? What re assurances and outcomes can they guarentee in relation to their services offered?  At health and wellness retreats australia we recommend that you be thorough in your search for the appropriate practitioner for you. to not be afraid to ask any question even if you think it sounds a bit strange.

We will endeavour to provide you with a resource of qualified and affective therapists, therapies, modalities and tradions of healing that can benefit you in your journey of better health.


Daylesford shiatsu massage

Daylesford shaitsu massage therapy

Daylesford shaitsu massage therapy

Offering traditional shiatsu, a Japanese paramedical complementary system of massage therapy developed from traditional remedial massage and acupressure. Read More >