A human being is alive when their qi grows but ceases to live when the qi disappears

Qigong has a history of more than five thousand years. It has been known by many other names, such as Daoyin (conduction of vital energy in the human body), tuna (expiration and inspiration), (sitting in meditation), xingqi (promoting the circulation of qi), and has been widely practised by people in the religious, medical and martial arts circle, mainly for the purpose of cultivating mental calmness, improving physical fitness and prolonging life.  Through several thousand years of continuous development, a complete system, practise methods and theories was formed and the term qigong was established in the 1950's.

Qigong is a branch of learning concerning the exercise of qi. Qi has several meanings: Firstly, it refers to the air breathed in and out by man. It exists in the universe and has direct bearings on the functions of the human body. Secondly, it is the  medium by which various parts of the body, including the organs and tissues, are connected and interact with one another, and its importance and its importance may be seen by the above statement. Thirdly, it is a kind of infinitely small energy substance existing in the human body. Unlike the skin, bones, blodd and hair, qi is invisible to the eye but forms the very essence of human life. Qigong exerxises contribute to the growth of this important substance, thus adding to one's life force and delaying the aging process.

Many health retreats offer qigong exercises and fewer retreats qigong healing. Qigong exercise done over time forms a kind of self training for improving physical and mental health through the power of the mind. They involve physical movements and control of breathing with the ultimate goal being the control of the mind.

Qigong healers will send qi into a person helping them to sustain their own personal qi and to build up their strength helping them to heal. Qigong healing done by a practised healer is considered a very powerful form of physically sustaining healing.