Health is a relative state of being, not absolute.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed from experiences accumulated over thousands of years in the battle against disease. It is an integral part of ancient culture that has helped billions of people to both maintain their health and prevent illness. Even before the development of modern Western medicine, a system and philosophy of treatment had been formed, based on comprehensive theories of health care. Furthermore, over the course of its long history, an accumulation of experience in TCM has yielded an unprecedented knowledge in its practical application.

In prescribing treatment for ailments, practitioners in TCM look at the whole person, not just the symptom(s) presented, focusing on psychological as well as physical characteristics. Treatment is therefore geared to the individual and to the root of the problem rather than simply treating a symptom, which is a principal approach in Western medical treatments, sometimes offering only temporary relief or even exacerbating the condition.

The role of the health retreat in its essence is complimentary to a better and healthier lifespan. It is complimentary to western healing approaches and preventative in the role of encouraging healthier lifestyle practices. Therefore health retreats in principle resonate with the principles of traditional chinese medicine. Some health retreats will offer the services of acupuncturists, qi gong practitioners, and chines herbalists who are trained and experienced in traditional chinese medicine. The practitioner will make a diagnosis of your body energy and then apply a variety of methods to your treatment including the above plus herbs and some massage, moxibustion and circulitory spooning techniques.