Social and cultural factors are of great significance in the shaping of a personality

Alderian therapy focuses on how a person percieves their past and how this interpretation maintains a continuing influnce in their lives. We are motivated by social urges rather than sexual urges as prescribed by Freud. The perspective of consciousness rather than conscious & unconscious is primary. Consciousness is the centre of our personality. The underlying emphasis being upon the ability to choose and take responsibilty for our actions, the deep need for meaning in life and the manner in which we strive for success or perfection.

The underlying motivation for personal strength or weakness being our feelings of inferiority. These feelings are considered normal and a critical source of creativity. These feelings drive us and motivate us to overcome our sense of being 'less than', moving with greater momentum towards higher levels of personal development so we become 'more than'. Turning our weaknesses into strength through recognition of this primal urge.

This therapy recognises that we all have the capacity to interpret, influence and create events in our lives. Even though we are influenced by our heredity and environment we all have an innate ability to use our unique abilities and use these with great influence and affect in life.

The focus in therapy is personal growth. The re education of each person and the gradual re shaping of society. We are valued by our personal values, beliefs, attitudes, goals, interests and individual perceptions of reality.