To challenge oneself to find meaning and purpose and to live an authentic life.

Existential therapy is often described as a philosophical approach which is more of an influence to practise rather than a technique in itself. Its more of a combination of ideas and themes which essentially influence the practitioner. At the core of existential practise is the  the emphasis that we each have the freedom to choose what we make of our circumstances and that we are basically free beings fully responsible for our choices and actions. That we are not victims of circumstance but authors of our own life.

The major theme being to reflect on our life and recognise that there are a range of alternative perspectives upon which we can choose to embody at any given moment. To see where we have passively accepted circumstances and surrendered our free will. Upon this foundation we can then walk the path of consciously re shaping our own life.

Life from the existential perspective sees that we have at some time lost our way and that through this form of counseling we can re navigate our future and re discover a new path. We are encouraged to explore the many options for creating a meaningful existence, to not remain the passive victim of circumstance and become a conscious creator and navigator of our life.

This therapeutic approach is helpful for people who feel alone in the world and are facing anxiety of this isolation. It is modeled on respect and the exploration of a persons behaviour. The existential view being that our life is never fixed and that we are continually recreating ourselves through our thoughts, feelings and actions. we are in transition, emerging, evolving and becoming.