Self awareness enables us to make informed choices and to thus live a meaningful life.

Gestalt therapy is underpinned by the premise that people need to find their own way in life and accept personal responsibility if they are to achieve maturity. Firstly a person needs to gain awareness of their actions and experiences. From this awareness a knowledge of self and an understanding of what drives or motivates us is achieved. Hence we learn self responsibily for thoughts , feelings and actions.

Each person has their own perception of reality and is the master of their own destiny. Gestalt therapy focusses us on the present as a place where our past and future meet and as we bring our concerns into this moment so we can then directly experience there effects. The value of therapy coming from an immediate, genuine and direct encounter with both the client and the therapist. The power being in the authenticity of the interaction not so much as from the therapists interpretations and techniques.

A person is encouraged to be in the here and now, to do their own sensing, feeling, seeing and interpreting: to essential be an active participant in their own therapeutic process. The views and insights of the therapist are not that important. There is a process of helping a person to 'reown' the parts of themselves that appear lost and to help with the reunification process until they become able to be strong enough to carry on with their own personal growth without assistance.

The philosphical perspective being that the more we try to be someone we are not, the more we remain the same. It is only when we truly become who we are that we are then able to change and become the person we need to be.