The core of a persons nature is that we are trustworthy, that we have vast potential to understand ourselves and resolve our own problems. We are fully capable of self directed personal growth.

Person centred therapy is essentially relationship orientated and experiental in its delivery. The client/therapist relationship  encouraging congruence, acceptance and empathy enabling the right climate for personal growth and change.

Trust in the capacity for people to be able to make posotive change in their lives, and constructive conscious choices for their own actions. The belief inherent that a person provided with the appropriate conditions will automatically grow in a positive way. At the core of each of us is a trustworthy and posotive centre. Person centred therapy recognises  that each of us is resourceful, capable of self understanding and of self direction. That we are able to make constructive changes and live productive and effective lives.

A person will move towards healthy and happy outcomes if the path before them seems open and accessable. The goal of this therapy is to set a person free, to enable their engagement in meaningful self exploration and find the ability to find ones own way in life.

Let us give more attention to to love, creativity, joy and personal peak experiences. By doing this we will automatically move from a place of 'inabilty to adjust' to 'ability to live a happy healthy life'. We all have the capacity for awareness and self directed change. This is the primary view of therapy in the person centred world of healing. As human beings we are not just required to solve problems, we are driven by nature to live fully and authentically and as a result of this there is a sense of continual struggle that goes with this process of self actualisation. Therefore the struggles of life become a posotive process for change rather than an affirmation that something is wrong.