Reality therapy focuses on behaviour as the total sum of a person. Beahaviour being our doing, thinking, feeling and physiology. That people are fully responsible for their thoughts, feelings and physical experiences. That none of us are victims of our past or present unless we choose to be. That we are not at the mercy of unconscious urges or motivations and that we have more control over our lives than we let ourselves believe. Inherent in the belief system of this therapy is that the more effectively we excersize our control the more fulfiling our living will be. That the inherent capacity for change is alive and well within us.

There is an emphasis that we as human beings have basic needs and that once we educate ourselves about the functioning of these needs and then look to identify our wants that will lead to the satisfaction of these needs we can then become more effective people.The basic needs being the need for belonging, power, freedom, fun and survival.

Reality therapy encourages the person to make changes, formulate plans of action to achieve these changes, to commit oneself to the plan and ultimately commit to following through with the plan. It looks at what motivates people to conform or behave. Challenges people to make honest assessments of themselves. The focus is on what a person is doing rather than thinking. The therapsit will work one on one with a person to formulate a specific and workable action plan that will enable change. 

Reality therapy or otherwise known as control therapy presents the notion of human behaviours as purposeful and originating from the person themselves rather than from external influences. There is a fundamental beleif that the human brain is a control centre that is designed to get us what we want to satify our needs. That when we choose behaviours that fail to provide us with what we want, our psychological needs are thwarted which leads us to feel pain. This feeling as consequence leads to dissatisfaction.

Behaviours by choice that enable us to get us what we want to fulfil our needs responsibly and orderly help us to identify with success and self esteem and a behaviour of feeling good about ourselves.