Daylesford is more than a destination its a cultural icon for wellness.

There are literally 100 + masseurs, there are naturopaths, yoga teachers, meditation retreats, lush lodgings and accommodation to accommodate 1000 + visitors at any one time, and much much more in Daylesford. Daylesford is synomonous for health and healing. How often do you hear someone saying, lets go to Daylesford and have a massage and a spa. Daylesford is more than a destination its a cultural icon for wellness.

Some say that it is the healing qualities in the ground that attracts the amazing rejuvenating energies to the regions. Maybe its the  Gold and then maybe its the natural mineral waters that are prolific throughout the area. Daylesford and Hepburn Springs has for many years now attracted visitors to its healing mineral waters and will continue well on into the future. Whatever the reasons the feeling of health & wellness is in the ethers and its rejuvenating ambience both alluring and tempting. Exploring this amazing region allows the exploring tourist many interesting and relaxing experiences.

The Macedon spa region embodies many great tourist destinations, such as Castlemaine, Hepburn Springs, Maldon, Woodend, Ballarat and Bendigo. The region abundant with wineries, cafes & resteraunts, unique shops, festivals and concerts, gold mining adventures, health and wellness experiences, forest walks, trail bike riding, horse riding and much much more.