The system of Macrobiotics is an EasternTraditional Way of Life specifically found in Japan. It is based upon the dualistic monism of Yin and Yang.

Georges Ohsawa (1893-1966) coined the term 'macrobiotic' to describe a philosophy towards life, health and healing.

Macrobiotic means "way of long life". In a few words, it means that individuals eat foods that keep them in balance with their environment.

However, Macrobiotics is a way of life that has been practised by many cultures throughout history for thousands of years. New words, common sense and ancient wisdom...

The principle behind this diet is "that you are what you eat".

The Macrobiotic dietary advices suggested by Richard Christopher Spence from Daylesford Shiatsu Massage Therapy are based upon who you are, your body type, where you live, the seasons and what you do.

It is the third step in an assessment process including firstly, a shiatsu massage, and secondly oriental diagnosis.

For a reasonable assessment of one's health and wellbeing, these three steps are suggested but not compulsory.

In Macrobiotics, you eat in a way that maintains your health and happiness.

As individuals, we ought to learn to become aware of our dietary needs, rely on ourself and listen to our body talk. Once we empower ourself on this level, we find that everything else in our life flows better.

Richard Christopher will guide you to an understanding of the principles of Yin and Yang and help you to find a regimen that will put you on the path to good health and happiness.