In the age old oriental principles of diagnosis many external signs are observed to assist in finding out what is going on internally.

The body language is seen, in many ways, to give insight as to the mental, emotional and physical states of an individual.

The reading of a person's body posture, face, hands, tongue and pulse can be used for a diagnosis.

The information gathered during this diagnosis process become more specific when you cross reference and communicate with the individual.

Healing requires both parties pro-active involvement.

Oriental Diagnosis is the second step in a three-step health and wellbeing assessment suggested by Richard Christopher Spence from Daylesford Shiatsu Massage Therapy, together with first, a shiatsu massage and third, Macrobiotics Dietary Advices and Regimen.

However, you are welcome to choose either of these therapies separately at any time.

This is your ticket to a responsible healthy and happy life!