Richard C Spence Shiatsu practitioner

Richard-Christopher Spence has studied with the East-West Foundation, a worldwide organisation established by Georges Ohsawa to introduce Traditional Eastern Philosophy to the West.

The Administrators of the East-West Foundation in Australia in the 1970's were Daniel and Marcea Weber based in Sydney.

They had regular courses, workshops and lectures in Melbourne on various subjects such as Macrobiotics, Macrobiotic Cooking, Shiatsu, Oki Yoga, etc.

Richard Christopher's training in Shiatsu is based upon the style taught by Tokujiro Namikoshi who is considered the Founder of Shiatsu. He was the man instrumental in getting the Japanese Government to recognise Shiatsu as a formal treatment for sickness and disease, establishing its use in hospitals and clinics.

Tokujiro Namikoshi said:

"the Heart of Shiatsu is like Mother's Love, pressure of the finger causes the Spring of Life to flow."

Tokujiro Namikoshi's principles are that by an understanding of the flow of Chi or energy through the body, posture, physical structure, mental attitude and diet one can cure many physical disorders.

Richard-Christopher' style has evolved over the years and become more western friendly; he practices on a massage table instead of a futon mattress on the floor. He also incorporates massage and finger pressure to suit the individual.