Advertising on (HWRA) offers the opportunity for practitioners, organisations, health retreats and other associated services to target their services directly to the people and practitioner listings that suits their business. Let us do your marketing for you with our highly profiled and optimised website.

Display advertising creates a platform for businesses to better reach its targeted audience. Display adds will generate interest from prospective clientele allowing your targeted audience to directly see what you are offering. offers you the opportunity to target a large range of health and wellness related web searches from a broad spectrum of people who are interested in, in need of / or a practitioner of health and wellness services: or are looking for help information or assistance for a particular illness or health challenge.

There are a number of ways to promote yourself through the website ranging from having a smaller and more basic position on a particular page to the higher more profiled adds on either multiple pages or pages with a website structure.

HWRA gives you a platform to reach a wider audience in a lot faster and more affective way than your own current web activities. We are optimised to an increasing audience through our extensive search phrases and keywords. Let us profile your business now.

Option 1. Text add with logo image & link

Option 2. Display add with link

Option 3. Display add at bottom of page with link

Option 4. Webpage formats (1,2 & 3) (Links optional)

Option 5. Webpage premium (Links optional)

Text add with logo image & link own website

This allows for 5 lines of text with heading and logo image. There is a link function associated with this form of add to allow you to link into your own website.

Display adds with link

These adds offer the ability to add depth to your business profile with colorful display images and text coupled with a link to your own website. You can have multiple listings on the various pages of the health and wellness retreats site that best suit your service or product.

To ensure optimum profile for businesses choosing this form of add there will be a limit to one add per page per advertiser with a maximum of up to 6 diffrerent advertisers per page at any one time.  This will ensure that each page is not over saturated with adds and that each advertiser gets the optimal profile per page.

Display add at the bottom of page with link

Primary placement of display add at bottom of pages. You can have multiple listing on the various pages of the health and wellness retreats site that best suit your service or product.

Webpage format advertising ~ Ideal for new practitioners who do not have their own website

Managing and maintaining a website can be very costly. It can cost you in excess of $3000 + annual charges for domain hosting and website hosting. It is time consuming with design and content preparation and then comes the issues around other people finding your site amongst the millions of others. 

Choosing the webpage format advertising option takes the work out of your marketing and promotion. You essentially buy into marketing structure and receive your own main page plus other associated pages directly linked into your main page. You can advertise yourself extensively with multiple display adds and even sell on advertising space to other associated business to recoup your money spent.

The options are:

Format one includes: Main page + One header & two link pages with intro and images.

Format two includes: Main page + two headers & two link pages per header with intro and images.

Format three includes: Main page + three headers & two link pages per header with intro and images.

Webpage premium includes Main page + Three headers & four link pages per header with intro and images. A premium photo gallery setting is available for this add to ensure you a strong visual presence on the site.

Newsletters gathers regular newsletter sign ups so that we can offer marketing opportunities for all advertisers. Regular newsletters will go out with advertisers able to prepare special offers to a colective audience, links to any submitted article reviews displayed on the site and other regular health and wellness information of interest.

Costs for advertising:

Home page

Display add at bottom of page with link $375 per annum (one only placing)

Modality and practioner pages

Display add with link $175.00 per annum

Display add at bottom of page with link $75.00 per annum

Webpage formats

Webpage format 1  $475 per annum

Webpage format 2   $550.00 per annum

Webpage format 3 $650 per annum

Webpage premium $770.00 per annum

Additional options

Photogalleries $120.00

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* All artwork needs to be supplied as JPG complete to specifications provided.

* All text needs to be provided complete and ready for display