Conflict & Relationship coaching

Conflict & relationship coaching

Essentially the key to understanding conflict lays in self awareness, to be literate with the effects of thoughts and feelings and how they impact upon our behaviours. Understanding the roots of our choices and actions, what motivates us, what inspires us and essentially where did we learn to do and act like we do. To develop the position of the observer in ourselves so we can bear witness to the effects we enact in others and life and therefore act to change what is not okay and to be more intentional in right actions. Conflict often occurs when:

  • Two or more personal values, perspectives and opinions are contradictory in nature.
  • Within yourself you're not living according to your own values.
  • When your values and beliefs are threatened
  • Experiencing anxiety due to a fear of the unknown or from a lack of fulfillment.

Conflict coaching focusses on exploration of personal values and beliefs and the relationship between these as core expressions that effects the way that you are living your life now. It explores relationships with significant others and how to manage personal differences. Coaching explores what makes a person unique and this relational uniqueness to self esteem and self identity.
The causes of Relationship problems

Relationships often become the landscape upon which battles of power and influence occur. Problems occur when unresolved resentments build and the differences that were once a source of connection and attraction become something that separates and distances one from the other. Essentially the couple move from a place of desirable differences to incompatible polarities.These polarities often reflect:

  • Victim & oppressor dynamics
  • Rescuer & emotionally hurt dynamics
  • Leader & follower behavioural habits
  • Independence vs dependence
  • Creativity & sponteneity vs being organised & reserved
  • He wants to solve the problem, she wants to be heard, the gender of being different

These battles occur in relationships with our partners, friends, colleagues and work teams. Each person essentially looking for fulfillment and expression in ways that possibly the other/s cannot see, understand or value in the same way. Each persons values competing with anothers needs. Relationship coaching provides a structured platform for each person to reestablish a vital relationship with themselves and then inturn reestablish a more meaningful connection with the other/s. partner which can then carry the relationship forward to a happier, passionate and more fulfilling future.

What conflict & relationship coaching can help with?

  • Learning to better engage in interpersonal conflict
  • Managing the effects of conflict & mastering conflict situations
  • Better listening skills
  • Enabling anger management skills
  • Enabling contempt management skills
  • Enabling emotional inteligence as a foundation for interpersonal connection
  • Managing conflict situations at work, home and in life in general
  • Developing leadership skills & self esteem enhancement
  • Resolving disputes
  • Re investing in courage & communication
  • Enabling a better understanding of the politics of power in the workplace and in personal relationships
  • Loving empathy, managing the power relations of relationships
  • Developing kindness in words, deeds and actions
    Who is the program for
  • Couples who love and care for each other and want to create a better future together
  • Managers and team leaders who struggle with conflict situations
  • Anyone who manages people and projects and struggles with conflict