Health and Wellness Retreats Australia Life coaching retreats ~ 'make a difference'

Our Life coaching retreats focus on motivation, exploration and creative expression. They help you to discover new possibilities and to create boundless opportunities for a better future. Coaching retreats with Health and wellness retreats Australia provide a private environment and the right coaches to help you think outside the box and see the limitless choices available to you at any given moment.

Our coaching retreats are action and solution orientated, concentrating on forward movement rather than just therapeutic reflections on the causes of personal problems. The emphasis being on positive thinking, overcoming limiting beliefs, achieving effective and productive exploration of life goals and accessing your own creative and imaginative reflections as a source of inspiration and life enhancement.

We offer different approaches to the coaching relationship:

  • Executive coaching
  • Conflict and relationship coaching
  • One on One & business coaching

Believing in yourself

A person equipped with a strong sense of belief in themselves can enact change and create a positive culture for boundless possibilities in both their own life and in the life of others. They can become visionary in their perceptions of possibility and in their relationships, workplaces and personal dreams. They can inspire others to reflect their best, they can manifest a team culture with the necessary energy to manifest a corporate vision and they can become a rolemodel for their own positive self image. Potentially ressurecting themselves out of chaos, worry and possibly despair enabling positive life skills for conflict resolution and happiness. Problems become opportunities and these opportunities become the creative source of future potential possibilitie

Personalised life coaching focuses on recognizing the themes of a persons life experience and behavioural habits, exploring their impact and re investing personal energies into alternative and non problem saturated themes of life. Essentially drawing from the 'infinite other experience', each person has at their grasp. The focus being on identity esteeming or put simply establishing a focus of self identity that draws from alternative themes of success, support, happiness and achievement that lay embedded in everyone's life experience somewhere.

Coaching retreats and programs

Our coaching retreats are designed as a program for ongoing support and assistance. They include multiple structured inhouse stays at a retreat with ongoing mentoring sessions throughout the year. These retreats are extremely effective in helping people work with themselves in a commited and focussed way. HWRA coaching is our signature approach to life coaching. We help you to reshape your life goals and dreams so that you can live a more fulfilled, effective and happy life.

Choosing a life coaching experience that suits you best

Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist, and part rent-a-friend, our coaching methods works with executives, managers, entrepreneurs, self employed consultants, tradespeople and just plain folk, helping to define and achieve goals - career, personal, or most often, both. Choosing a HWRA coaching experience is essentially about engaging in a coaching/mentoring relationship. Your goals are the indicator for the type of coaching relationship that best suits your individual circumstances.

  • If coaching is part of a corporate initiative we recommend executive coaching.
  • If you live a high profile lifestyle and need privacy, confidentiality and trust we recommend a customised program.
  • If professionally and/or personally you are trying to manage conflict situations then we recommend conflict coaching,
  • For relationship change we recommend either conflict coaching or relationship coaching.
  • If your goals are success, change and happiness we recommend the life coaching one on one experience.

Success and happiness means different things to different people. To some obviously, success means money, others rate emotional happiness as being more important. Yet others rate popularity above all else. Regardless of how you define success or happiness HWRA life coaching offers the chance to visualize your highest goals and stay on track to achieve them. Coaching helps you strengthen your sense of selfworth, focus on your goals - and get there, faster.

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