Meditation retreats are the perfect way to relax, unwind and rediscover yourself.

Meditation retreats are unique in what they offer and diiferent depending on the style of retreat you choose. Some retreats are centred on a particular meditation practice or philosophy where others can be more general in there aproach. Meditation by nature is an introspective practice so you can expect that the retreat centre offering a meditation retreat program will be quiet and relaxing.

Some accommodation venues offer meditation practice and education by bringing in a trained meditation conducter to either work one on one with you or in a group setting. Others are beautifuuly picturesque in their location with a serene ambience and energy that is more associated with its sense of place, whereas other retreat centres that represent various spiritual philosophies, such as buddhist retreats, some traditional yoga retreats, satyananda retreats, silent retreats, monastic retreats offer more of a complete package with meals, accommodation, yoga, massage, demonstrations, discussions, seminars and other featured activities.

Meditation retreats can be as short as a weekend and as long as a few weeks or months. More often than not the meals are vegetarian or vegan and you can expect to meet many varied and interesting personalities. Costs vary as each retreat centre will have different philosophiocal backgrounds that define they manner in which they cost out their programs. Some of the cheaper retreats will require you to offer some karma yoga, or more simply put a few hours of physical labour each day to help with the maintenance of the retreat buildings and grounds. Other more luxurious retreats will charge you more and provide you with high level of personal service and lush furnitings and beautiful views.