Burnout is not just a feeling of tiredness, it is a life crisis. It doesnt happen overnight, the stress and anxiety of overwork and long hours have compounded a person into an extremely depleting phsyical, mental and emotional breakdown.

Professional burn out and stress come together like a disfunctional family. The drive for money, a better livelihood, self esteem and personal authority, self actualisation and significantly power underpinning behaviours that contribute to burn out. Often coming at the cost of family,relationships, friendships and personal health & wellbeing.

It is often only recognised when a person is faced with a crisis of potentially significant personal pain, emotional and physical, mental anguish and/or loss due to their own actions or innabilities to maintain the same level of energetic personal output.

StressStress - A major cause of illness in the Western World - Avoid it!

Stress has been proven and consistently illustrated as one of the most major causes of sickness and illness in the western world both physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Excessive professional stress is a disease in itself directly related to the culture of living in the community of business. By working so many hours, maintaining such high levels of stress based on performance and expectation, for such long periods of time, something has to give, and more often than not it is our physical and mental health, followed by or proceeding our relationships, family life and essentially the death of our 'me time'.

Whether you are a person who works to live or someone who lives to work, excessive hours and prolonged concentration on work and work alone will inevitably cause a breakdown in your lifestyle and health. Of course there are stages to this continuem and they are best navigated by awareness of the stress you are living and working with on a daily basis balanced against how fulfilling and meaningful a life you are living outside of work.

Balance & Communication

This is a balance that can only be understood by the person themselves as this balance is often not a static thing as it continually shifts and changes. Sometimes short term efforts leading to long term gain applying, and at other times longer term efforts providing support for family and possibly others in the community. When the balance is lost there are significant signs and indicators that need to be recognised.

Communication with loved ones becoming lesser and if not checked distorted, and emotionally painful. Tiredness and fatigue being your closest friend and companion. Intimacy and tenderness are replaced by compulsion and need. Eventually your ability to concentrate and focus gets harder and harder to maintain and you may find your tolerance to others and behaviours to others becomes unbearably difficult. If this sounds a bit like you then its time to take stock and reflect on your circumstances.

Self Destruction & Self Esteem

Severe professional burn out occurs when you push yourself well beyond what has already been said here and you basically self destruct. Your body gives in to fatigue and exhaustion, you are emotional distraught sometimes with uncontrolled rage and feelings of sadness, sleep patterns become disrupted, nutritional balance filled with fat, suger and energy foods. You become physically, emotionally and socially isolated within your inability to function. You have no other choice than to seek help.

How a health retreat program can help

A health retreat program tailored to assisting people suffering from professional burn out can be a necessary part of the recovery process. Inevitably recovering from severe burn out will require quite a bit of time and a team of different professionals and associates to assist with the re building of that which is brocken namely YOU.

  • Help with goodsustaining nutrition,
  • meditation and relaxation techniques and
  • methods needing to be learnt and integrated.
  • A wide access to lifestyle mentors
  • Medical and psychological help essential to your re integration, self esteem building and emotional issue resolutions.

health and wellness retreats

Strong family support or if affected by relationship meltdown support from friends and immediate family being a cornerstone of assistance.

A periodic visit to a health retreat can be a necessary investment in your health and wellbeing. Retreats offering massage and body treatments, a place to think and re discover yourself, yoga, tai chi and other healthy lifestyle practices providing a background to a person's recovery. Health retreats are to many a necessary part of a balanced lifestyle regimine, to others they are a place of refuge and self discovery. To the suffer of professional burn out thay may be one of your essential lifelines.