When devastating affects of prolonged stress and anxiety touch our lives we need help and sometimes we need it NOW.

Before we pathologise stress and anxiety lets have a look at the positives. Every day we stand, walk and move under the pressure of gravity, our posture is defined by how we bear up to gravities relentless pressure. This puts ongoing stress on our bodies. In our everyday interaction with others we present ourselves, our beliefs and values, essentially our uniquenes to others and their uniqueness. This interaction places stress upon us both emotionally, physically and socially. There are many other natural and normal life situations, circumstances and relations that place stress upon us. All this is considered reasonable and acceptable. its when we start to exceed these boundaries that stress and anxiety in its pathology starts to become problematic.

  • Working long and prolonged hours with little sleep and rest
  • The onset of illness

The confrontations of challenging life situations such as:

  • Relationship and marriage breakdown
  • Death and loss of a significant other
  • Loss of employment and the financial worry that this can place on a person and those who rely on them.

All this and more places increased stress and anxiety upon us making our lives and the lives of those around us increasingly difficult. Many people can continue to function reasonably and understandably under these circumstances and often see the affects of these as a wake up call to find assistance. Its when these stressors compound that the real problems start to occur.

The effects of compounding stress

Compounding life stress hits our sensitivities, our physical health and wellbeing and our emotional and mental health like a brick.stress We become frustrated, increasingly tired and exhausted, argumentative and possibly fearful of simple socail and life interactions. A person is catapulted into an instinctual place of Fight & Flight. Our fight and flight responses are instinctively designed to help us function in life threatening and damaging situations and naturally have a place for our protection but when we live a life of compounded stress, poor nutrition and sleep patterns, little to no exercise and other poor living habits our relations with others and relationship with our own wellbeing start to include these fight and flight responses more often than they are required. Life and its normality becomes an ever increasing menacing and threatening place to be in.

Physical stress

When our body is under stress it compensates with adrenalin, adrenalin response continued and over time creates physical problems such as:

  • Deep and sometimes profound tiredness
  • Relentless physical aches and pains
  • Uncomfortable fluid retention
  • Vagueness
  • Poor memory
  • Possibly dizziness.

Emotionally we become eruptive with highs and lows of sadness, anger, frustration, unnatural states of exhilaration with possibly strangely neurotic behavioural patterns occur more often than not where life events and routines take on a significance beyond our normal way of being with them. Our internal warning systems start to come into play.

TIme to act

When the body hurts or functions badly there is a problem at hand that needs to be addressed, when our social and relationship needs are out of balance solutions need to be found, when intimacy issues arise in our love relationships and our ability to hear and understand one another becomes distorted help is needed, and when everything compounds and compounds to the state where we are totally overloaded on all levels and unable to function well physically, emotionally, mentally and socially rescue is required, because it has gone too far and the next step can be devastating on health and fitness, mental and emotional health and the ability to rationalise and comprehend situations with clarity. At this point we are in a crisis, some of us recognise it though more often its the people around us that see it more clearly. More often than not a crisis of our own making occurs in our life and we are left with a devastated reality that we are a long way down a road of self destruction. Basically at this point our life is at stake and whether we know it or not there is an emergency situation looking back at us everytime we look into a mirror. TIME TO ACT is at hand.

How can a health retreat help

Health retreats are an essential part of maintaing wellbeing in the modern landscape of working life. When stress and anxiety start to become a problem then a visit to a health retreat is the perfect choice, when the affects of stress and anxiety start causing problems then a wellbeing plan through a health retreat 'with the right orientation to YOU' becomes important and if you are in life stress crisis then a therapeutic health retreat program that gives you essential lifestyle management skills is crucial.