Womens health is a subject of depth to which this article but touches upon its fringes.I wrote this piece thinking about the challenges women face living with the complex network of chemical affects of their hormones.

During key life cycle events women would benefit by being critically aware of changes in their moods. Whilst it is normal for women to experience changes in their feelings and mood during their cycle some women may experience more severe mood disorders because of the compounding effect of major life events such as peri-menopause, pregnancy and other events. It is considered that these effects are triggered by dramatic shifts in hormone levels which result in chemical changes in the brain. Depression coupled with anxiety & worry are often associated with these shifts in a women's hormonal balance.

All this considered women's health is complex and cannot be understood just by rationalising the symptoms and pathologising her moods as symptoms of imbalance or illness. There are already enough labels to go around for this. It is the cycle of life that she bears witness to every month and that which defines her sense of self and being. Her hormones define her rather than harm her. They potentially emphasise her uniqueness and depth.

Through the journey of life we all acquire the emotional and physical experience of the life choices we are subjected to in childhood, and ultimately choose for ourselves in adult life. Such as our physical appearance, our social networks, career choices, sexual encounters and relationships etc. The experience of life continues whilst we live it both consciously and unconsciously giving rise to the complexities of our relationships with family, friends, colleagues and partners as well as our selves. When a woman is subject to key life cycle events her sensitivity and awareness is elevated (Sometimes quite intensly), which potentially gives rise to a more acute experience of emotional, physical and psychological patterns. These patterns are defined by the story of her life as evident by her memories and experience.

More often than not when we are confronted by the things of our life that contribute to our unhappiness and lack of self fulfilment we are in a life crisis situation. A crisis of self worth, of relationship fulfilment, of work orientation, of self expression and of sense of control. We may feel like our lives are totally out of control and in a woman's case this means that she may be challenged to her core. Which means on a personal level that everything is at stake.

The affects of this may result in an acute loss of self esteem, depression and anxiety, increased stress with deep feelings of needing to be understood and listened to. Self esteem that was once apparently strong and resourceful now fragmented and ineffective. The compounding experience of hormonal imbalance to a woman affecting her whole outlook and experience, and depending on how strong she is rationally and intellectually her ‘Will' which may have been the corner stone of her strength now possibly reflects weakness and possibly despair.
What can be done

Where can she find help and how can she help herself? The answers to these questions are usually as complex as the feelings associated with the challenges. Such as in the case of menopause there is the path of Hormone replacement therapy to deal with the declining estrogen levels and physical changes that coincide. This being evident though there are also risks associated with long term use of HRT as well. There is also an increasing use of more alternative approaches to menopause such as natural supliments (such as phytoestrogens in flaxseed and other herbal products),and treatments (such as acupuncture and energetic medicine technologies based on the use of light and electromagnetic energies).

The use of counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, will greatly assist in the understanding and processing of emotional and cognitive changes that the women needs to make sense of. Often it is in the irrationality of being that her core needs are able to emerge from the deep watery depths of her sensitivities and sensuality. Often times one needs to distance oneself from the story and continuity of our lives to reveal the non verbal expression, tones and sense awareness of our unfolding.

Essentially every women is different just as is every man. Each gender being quick to tell the other of how they resonate with their own gender. The complexities of change being further compounded by our personal, cultural and moral expectations and indoctrinations. The physical effects of a woman's health changes as she faces major life cycle events and her inevitable cycle of being will only add to the complexity of her treatment needs. These needs will ultimately be met through exploration and with a sense of journey and unfoldment.

Some take this journey into the future in the role of the warrior facing confrontation and challenge as its encountered, others with a sense of reverence and surrender that can only be experienced as the archetypal priestess, and another defines herself from a deep sense of passion, sexuality and sensuality. Many journey unknowingly as if lost and victimised by circumstance and to them life drags them along kicking and screaming. The key to freedom being that she can claim her own self empowerment through which ever journey she undertakes. The manner in which she undertakes this journey needing a profound culture of love & kindness, emotional support & understanding with reciprocal sensitivity as the beginning. This being the scaffolding for her full self expression and empowerment as she takes her uniqueness into the jungle of this complex world we all live in.