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Take sanctuary from the demands of modern-day living by restoring your wellbeing with our bespoke events and retreats.

At Health and Wellness Retreats Australia we pride ourselves on distilling an exquisite program of music and wellness retreats in the heart of the Macedon Ranges, based on our 40 years of professional experience in the health, wellness, spa and tourism industry.

Our award-winning, boutique spaces enhance wellbeing at every corner, from the sculptured outdoor gardens to the accommodation suites designed with nurture, peace and luxury in mind.

We host live music events to our guests and visitors showcasing Australian contemporary musicians and sound-healers. These immersive experiences are both entertaining and uplifting.

We offer yoga, wellness workshops and training to complement and support the high-stress lifestyles of professionals, executives and frontline professionals, while they unplug and unwind in our gorgeous countryside retreat.

“Weaving a soulful, nourishing and inspiring experience for each and every visitor to our sanctuaries”.


Retreats and Respite Programs

We provide an extensive range of retreats and programs for parents and the caregiving community with the opportunity for relief and restoration with our custom designed programs, designed to educate and restore individuals back to balance and calm.

Wellness workshops and conferences

Our educational events calendar responds to the impacts of self-awareness, self healing and the stressors of modern day living. With up to date industry knowledge and resources we compile workshops and conferences to enhance personal, professional and spiritual development.

Wellness is a place. Come visit

Samadhi – The Jewel of Health Retreats – is recognised as Australia’s premium destination for health and wellbeing located near Daylesford (the spa capital of Australia) and nestled within the Macedon Ranges.

The Samadhi environment is considered a global centre of excellence in holistic lifestyle and wellness retreats.

The landscape design honours and enhances the aesthetic beauty of natural elements, while our luxury accommodation is purpose-built for healing, restoration, meditation and self-discovery.

Take sanctuary with a retreat package tailored to your needs to include counseling, coaching, holistic and spa therapies, mindfulness meditation and organic gourmet cuisine.

Private, bespoke, like no other.

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The healing power of music, movement and meditation is to be embraced, especially during the current global climate of heightened stress and anxiety. Our uniquely curated healing concerts are designed to be physically and mentally uplifting, evoke calmness and emotional regulation, and transport you to raised consciousness within the beauty and realm of the senses.

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Respite care is commonly understood to mean a service provided to care for caregivers. But we like to stretch the definition further. Aren’t we all caregivers? Don’t we all extend ourselves to our family, friends, community and careers so often well beyond our means? In today’s climate of unprecedented stress and anxiety, aren’t we all pushed to our limit in some way, shape or form?

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Live Music Experiences

Our passion lies in witnessing how music, sound and vibrations act as vehicles for healing and transformation, and creating events where these healings can transpire in the surrounds of nature and/or indoor sanctuaries.



The very action of retreating – defined as an act of withdrawing or moving back – could be viewed as both a sacred pause and an empowering step forward.


Don’t just see the change  –  BE the change.