Transforming your hotel or spa into a sanctuary that nurtures the spirit of your guests and a
comprehensive guide for those seeking the perfect wellness retreat to suit their needs.


Step into the forefront of Health and Wellness excellence and let us help your brand become a true sanctuary of wellbeing.

Our Empathy Training program revolutionizes professional connections, equipping therapists, service staff, management and CEOs alike with the skills to foster kindness, connection and the skills to combat compassion fatigue.

Our Global Paradigm Shifters collective – sets new standards with immersive workshops designed for hotels, spas, and retreats worldwide, elevating wellness practices to unprecedented levels from a global team of experienced facilitators and therapists coordinated through our leading edge brand which merges therapy with hospitality.

Our meticulous Quality Assessments ensure your facility thrives as a sanctuary of self-care, evaluated by seasoned practitioners and health retreat entrepreneurs and co founders of the multi award winning Samadhi Retreat Annah & Wayne Mirananda.

Dedicated to excellence, let us help you craft sanctuaries of wellbeing where every guest, visitor and staff member experience is enriched with connection, emotional intelligence, compassion, and strategic professional wellness practices. Building a global community within an environment of kindness.


“Weaving soulful, nourishing and inspiring experiences, cultivating global sanctuaries of wellness”.


Global Paradigm Shifters Collective

Let us help your guests discover transformative health and wellness experience with our Global Paradigm Shifters Collective. Our seasoned team of therapists and facilitators deliver advanced wellness workshops, bringing rejuvenation and vitality to your chosen hotel, spa, or wellness facility. Elevate your well-being with our unparalleled expertise and innovative approaches, fostering holistic growth and personal transformation for all participants. Enable a transformative, life-changing experience for your guests that goes well beyond their stay.

Mystery guest and quality assessments for spa, wellness & healing sanctuaries

Our Health and Wellness Quality Assessment Program evaluates treatments, therapies, and service delivery by your well-being team and helps you target needs for training and further education. We help your business create a holistic culture, fostering quality skills that leave guests saying “wow.” Unique training in energy healing and healing touch elevates your therapists’ skills to a higher standard of excellence, ensuring true holistic wellness. Enhance your team’s therapy skills and transform the guest experience with our comprehensive assessment and tailored improvement strategies.

Empathy training workshops and conferences

Elevate your hotel or spa facility with our empathy training workshops for staff, management, and executives. Empathy is an essential skill for delivering exceptional therapy services and fostering a culture of kindness in your facility. Let us help you develop compassion and community within your team, making it a vital element of your facility’s success. Embracing these values not only enhances service quality but also strengthens the foundation of your organization’s ethos.

Healing training programs and Healing therapy packages for hotels & spas

Annah and Wayne Mirananda, seasoned therapy experts with over 40 years of experience each, offer bespoke training programs for your hotel or spa. Their extensive background in healing therapies and energy based training enables them to create personalized sessions for your brand, enrich your staff’s skills and enhance your guests’ well-being. Offering both basic Programs: Perfect for therapists new to holistic therapies, these foundational courses cover essential techniques and principles and advanced Programs: Designed for experienced therapists, these specialized courses delve into cutting-edge modalities and advanced techniques.
Let us bring their expertise to your establishment and elevate your services with their dynamic and transformative training programs.

Wellness is a place. Come visit us

Samadhi – The Jewel of Health Retreats – is recognised as Australia’s premium destination for health and wellbeing located near Daylesford (the spa capital of Australia) and nestled within the Macedon Ranges.

The Samadhi environment is considered a global centre of excellence in holistic lifestyle and wellness retreats.

The landscape design honours and enhances the aesthetic beauty of natural elements, while our luxury accommodation is purpose-built for healing, restoration, meditation and self-discovery.

Take sanctuary with a retreat package tailored to your needs to include counseling, coaching, holistic and spa therapies, mindfulness meditation and organic gourmet cuisine.

Private, bespoke, like no other.

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The healing power of music, movement and meditation is to be embraced, especially during the current global climate of heightened stress and anxiety. Our uniquely curated healing concerts are designed to be physically and mentally uplifting, evoke calmness and emotional regulation, and transport you to raised consciousness within the beauty and realm of the senses.

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Respite care is commonly understood to mean a service provided to care for caregivers. But we like to stretch the definition further. Aren’t we all caregivers? Don’t we all extend ourselves to our family, friends, community and careers so often well beyond our means? In today’s climate of unprecedented stress and anxiety, aren’t we all pushed to our limit in some way, shape or form?

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Live Music Experiences

Our passion lies in witnessing how music, sound and vibrations act as vehicles for healing and transformation, and creating events where these healings can transpire in the surrounds of nature and/or indoor sanctuaries.



The very action of retreating – defined as an act of withdrawing or moving back – could be viewed as both a sacred pause and an empowering step forward.


Don’t just see the change  –  BE the change.