Orchestrating Change through Meditation and Sound healing

The healing power of music, movement and meditation is to be embraced, especially during the current global climate of heightened stress and anxiety. Our uniquely curated healing concerts are designed to be physically and mentally uplifting, evoke calmness and emotional regulation, and transport you to raised consciousness within the beauty and realm of the senses.

To meet the regulations of COVID-19 yet still maintain a healthy social life and a vibrant, artistic culture, we are hosting small gatherings for musical and soulful appreciation.

We believe music can move and enchant, energise and heal. It encourages the inner-child to be more playful and reclaim its innocence. The universal language of music unifies our hearts to the one beat and rhythm, and invites are imaginations to soar.

Our multi-media performance space is designed to host gatherings where people can come together with the collective intention, of promoting harmony within themselves and extending peace throughout humanity.

Healing events can be participatory by nature or you can choose to be still and simply receive. Together we sit, sing, tone and follow simple meditative exercises. These are relaxing techniques that enable sound to infiltrate your mind-body-spirit connection so that you are vibrating with the energy of pure harmony. That in itself can be blissful or can shift your state from one of tension to tranquillity.

Our lives are filled with distractions and disruptions that take us away from ourselves; we end up feeling stressed and disconnected … I want to improve how we live our lives on this planet and create events that inspire peace and cooperation.’ WAH music.

Our concert experiences are healing by way of vibrational exchange and intention setting. They introduce audiences to concepts or themes offered through the facilitation and reflected upon while listening to music and engaged in meditation. The fusion of soundscapes matched with meditative contemplation invites deep transcendent healing that is different for everyone involved.

Held in an intimate setting with a capped number of guests, audience members can interact and connect with the musicians and meditation facilitators. In this closed space, we encourage participants to observe whatever stirs within them, made all the more noticeable with minimal distraction and an evocative soundscape. We encourage deep relaxation, rejuvenation and expansion of the senses to encourage the audience to draw within to a place of reflective contemplation.

The feedback we receive from our guests affirms the high vibrancy of our concerts, complemented with a gentle, nurturing atmosphere. We see this environment as conducive to deep healing. Participants feel held, safe and supported, well aware that they are entering a sensory experience that is pleasurable, yet they are invited to release emotions or explore the intricacies of their sensitive nature if they feel moved to.

Each live event has a different theme. Some may include wall projections to stimulate and activate through visual cues. We scatter light patterns across the sculptured gardens that create backdrops of the interplay of nature and light. Indoor light presentations are equally spectacular and more focussed on art and imagery on the walls and ceilings. The ambience of movement, sound and art is both captivating and quietly calming.

We showcase talent by multi-instrumentalists and concert orchestral professionals. Some incorporate chanting with their singing and others are operatic in style. Both are evocative and soothing, awakening the senses and promoting peak states of bliss and unity consciousness when one focuses meditatively on their breath. We also like to provide a range of genres and styles of music so our audience can be exposed to a variety of soundscapes, all of which bring their own flavour and finesse.

Our passion lies in witnessing how music, sound and vibrations act as vehicles for healing and transformation, and creating events where these healings can transpire in the surrounds of nature and/or indoor sanctuaries.

We believe music is medicine and this premise is gaining more and more attention in the modern world, drawing on the ancient wisdom of therapeutic arts such as sound healing, as a means for transformation and sustainable wellness. New scientific research continually supports the importance of music in wellbeing, recovery and healing, whether in clinical settings, applied with other healing modalities or woven into our everyday lifestyles.

For further reading on the healing powers of music, we recommend producer and composer, Barry Goldstein, whose book: The Secret Language of the Heart shows how everyone can harness the power of music to alleviate specific illnesses, reverse negative mindsets and attitudes, dissolve creative blocks and improve overall health.