Principles of Wellness

The foundations

Our wellness principles provide the foundation for every retreat or workshop we offer. You can expect that these principles will shine through all our retreat journeys.

Unique accommodation

We use unique facilities and accommodations to provide a comfortable and naturally luxurious space that is safe and private for all our guests. We vigorously protect this by giving full attention to the detail required to ensure your experience is conducive to your 5health and healing.

Locally sourced whole foods

Our wellness food philosophy includes eating locally sourced produce and emphasizes the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy outcomes. We essentially want food to be enjoyable by achieving that sense of balance with lots of good stuff, plenty of variety and the odd indulgence. Food is one of life’s joys, so let’s celebrate it with a balanced appetite.

Exclusive retreats and workshops

We offer exclusive group retreats and workshops focused on building meaningful, supportive connections. Our goal is to cultivate a strong group energy, ensuring every participant feels part of a collective rather than an isolated individual, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experience.

Self care

We encourage and support all our participants to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. We understand that one must be an advocate for his or her own wellbeing and that self-care is primary to a person maintaining sustainable practices towards better health. Caring for oneself is an investment in good health. We are committed to helping to empower our participants to make sound and well educated decisions about their health and wellbeing.

Professional and experienced therapists and mentors

We ensure that all our therapists, mentors and speakers have a high level of professional training and skill and bring to their practice many years of experience. All care is taken to provide participants with a first class wellness experience.

Wellness support

We understand that living a wholesome life requires a commitment to long term actions and a supportive network of family, friends, colleagues and professionals. We provide an experience that nurtures a sense of community as part of a holistic program for personal well being. We endeavour to help participants find new ways to stay connected to healing networks by offering ongoing connections and opportunities to mix and learn with like-minded people who have similar wellness hopes and dreams.


Don’t just see the change  –  BE the change.