The Bespoke Touch:
A Retreat Designed with You in Mind

As the world stage becomes increasingly more complex and challenging, there is an urgency to provide mental wellness solutions that remedy the storms. Isolation, a fast-paced climate of stress, unexpected changes and a lack of strong community networks can take their toll on our natural state of harmony, our sense of belonging and our desire to lead purposeful lives. Our challenges are personal and it’s often preferred we explore them in private, when solace and the company of a select few, might create the very sanctuary we need to heal.

At Samadhi – the jewel of health retreats – founders Annah and Wayne Mirananda have masterfully created an exclusive, holistic, private destination that mimics the very definition of its name. Samadhi means heaven– a divine place where an abundance of nurture and nature revolves around you, gracefully tending to your every need, ushering you towards the home of your heart.

A Bespoke Retreat

A multi-award winning retreat prized alongside international leaders in the health and wellness industry, Samadhi has been operating for 18 years on the outskirts of Daylesford, the Spa Capital of Australia. Its well-established reputation for providing a service of excellence, acclaimed as ‘first in mind’ for guests in search of a high-end, boutique, transformational journey, is one that is crafted and curated to match the needs of the individual.

Samadhi’s signature service is its unique, one-on-one delivery that has been refined to perfection having played an extensive role in the retreat industry. This personal and hands-on approach, echoes the bespoke nature of the retreat in its entirety. Its purpose being: to deliver a transformational guest experience that makes a positive, life-changing impression; a wellness journey that empowers the individual to re-discover their true self and regain passion for life.

We recognise that the intricacies compelling people to go on retreat are unique and personal to them. Our point of difference is to provide a customised healing journey tailored to the individual’s needs and healing intention. No two healing journeys are the same and this determines what we offer.

In establishing Samadhi, Wayne’s laidback style complements Annah’s pro-active manner, who together have weaved over 50 years between them of professional and personal experience in the field of personal and spiritual development. Their retreat style is luxurious and intimate catering to one person, or a private group of up to six at a time. Their core skills of counseling and healing modalities carve specific pathways for each individual. Elements of psychotherapy, psychodrama and narrative therapy, sound-healing, massage and meditation guide sessions that are relaxed, intuitive and therapeutic.

Other competitive wellness retreats offer ‘wellness’ holidays with the addition of a massage, meals and communal or private activities offered as large group retreats over 2-7 day. Samadhi’s bespoke programs tailored to the individual have shown to be powerful, effective and popular among people who see the value in a more personalised care package.

Many people who come to Samadhi are facing huge emotional and physical hurdles in their life such as cancer, divorce and depression. Overwhelming circumstances can deter your from making small talk at a communal retreat table. In this way, Samadhi holds space for a true retreat.

The Guest Experience

The guest stay includes accommodation and catering alongside an array of health and wellness treatments. The stylish, self-contained suites ooze comfort and nurture. Guests are asked to book directly so that every point of contact is personal, enabling Samadhi to tailor a program that is uniquely defined. A 15 minute complimentary phone consultation welcomes your personal journey from the beginning.

The cuisine offered is locally sourced and organic, prepared with healing properties and intent. Samadhi has been touted in Good Food as a Top 10 Retreat in Australia and Asia for having ‘food as luxe’ as the surrounds. (Feb 6th 2020)

‘It was during a beautiful, organic dinner of pistachio and parmesan-crusted salmon on a bed of parsnip and coconut puree, served with broccolini and mixed salad, that I really ‘got’ the boutique health retreat thing.’

Our guests have access to beautiful amenities and a complimentary mini-bar within each suite, as well as comfortable lounges, soft furnishes and snuggly alpaca blankets for sensual indulgence. The therapeutic beds provide unparalleled comfort to ensure a blissful nights sleep. A curated library of relevant magazines, books and DVDs is also on hand. Locally crafted, artisan gifts are offered to beautify and support your journey to wellness.

Your Healing Story

Samadhi Retreat is a pioneer in the era of transformational healing and in a playfully, adventurous manner adopts the metaphor of the pilgrimage on a sacred journey from liberation to suffering. This therapeutic approach to the retreat mimics a kind of story immersion where the individual is encouraged to walk the path of self-discovery, finding linked experiences on the narrative of their life journey to reveal the insight and wisdom necessary for healing and empowerment.

With personal guidance, the brightest, healthiest version of yourself is invited to emerge anew. Whatever goals and intentions you bring to the retreat, whether that be to restore peace in your life, bravely make changes or resolve matters of the heart from trauma, the program designed for you will provide a safe space to explore the most prominent themes of your story and unlock keys to new chapters into the future.

The Location

Nestled near Daylesford and Hepburn Springs – the largest naturally occurring bounty of healing mineral springs in the Southern Hemisphere – Samadhi Retreat siphons off the healing properties of these sacred lands that is palpable in the sculptured gardens and natural setting of its environment.

Other regional hotspots are accessible throughout your stay and their exploration can add to the experience. Samadhi is a great base for day trips to neighbouring small towns such as Kyneton, Trentham, Hepburn Springs, Daylesford, Castlemaine, Bendigo and Ballarat.

You will also find spaces for contemplation and meditation on site, bird watching the numerous species that burst forth in the Spring and the tones of each season shift and change. Here it is home to many native animals – kangaroos, koalas, echidna, platypus have also been spotted in the Loddon River, just a short walk from our front door.

The Healing Remedy of Nature

One of the self-healing practices we encourage is to indulge in ‘therapeutic star-gazing’. Samadhi Retreat is located far enough away from the city lights to capture the most magnificent views of the stars, all from the comfort of your suite. There is nothing more relaxing than gazing at a constellation of stars on a crisp clear night. It creates a sense of stillness and calm, connecting you directly to the soul and magic of nature.

The surrounds of grazing field are home to our four cherished alpacas. They are gentle of nature and highly intelligent, and will approach our guests when called. Annah specifically chose alpacas for their therapeutic companionship.

‘We have placed a wooden seat near the alpaca feeding pen to ensure our guests can sit and connect with these beautiful animals, as they have a lot to teach us if we can relax with them and observe our feelings when in their presence. They are so highly sensitive and reflect back to us a lot about where we are at in that moment.’

The alpacas have been walking alongside our guests for 18 years now bringing their own gracious company to the atmosphere of calm and connectivity with nature that promotes wellbeing.

How to get there

Samadhi Retreat provides chauffeur driven electric cars for transfers to and from retreat to ensure you can travel and relax with a clear conscience. The Tesla cars are the epitome of technology and are environmentally sustainable beyond compare.

We are situated only 1 hour from Melbourne and a 10 minute drive from Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, with easy access and scenic drive from Melbourne airport.

We Look Forward To Welcoming You

We pride ourselves on the long-established partnerships we have built over 18 years that have sustained our growth and reputation in the health and wellness industry. We are honoured to work with advanced practitioners and other founders in the same fields. We have employed staff who offer an unparalleled range of therapies, educational programs, activities and experiences in the spirit of excellence and devotion to their path of service.

We look forward to welcoming you to our healing jewel, where together we can explore how you can align deeper with your soul’s yearnings and personal values. We are here to support you when you choose to embark on this healing journey towards them, in your own way, in your own time, with your unique needs in mind.