Step Towards Wellness by Retreating

Respite care is commonly understood to mean a service provided to care for caregivers. But we like to stretch the definition further. Aren’t we all caregivers? Don’t we all extend ourselves to our family, friends, community and careers so often well beyond our means? In today’s climate of unprecedented stress and anxiety, aren’t we all pushed to our limit in some way, shape or form?

At Health and Wellness Retreats Australia we consider respite care to embrace the full spectrum of ‘giving of oneself’ by designing our retreats to provide nurturing, nourishment, restoration and rejuvenation for anyone seeking solace from enduring periods of stress or hardship.

One could argue that the cumulative stress of modern-day living and the overwhelming pressure that people learn to manage in their everyday life – just to ‘keep up’, so to speak – points to the need for everyone to be entitled to the gift of respite care; to return to balance of the heart, mind and soul.

The very act of service – of giving of oneself – of sacrificing one’s own needs for the greater good, can be as taxing as it is rewarding. Yet it pays to ask ourselves: Where in our over-giving do we cause imbalances in our health that become breeding grounds for dis-ease or where have we pushed ourselves so hard to succeed or to bear the weight of responsibility, that we have neglected our own health mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?

The benefit of investing in a retreat, whereby you literally pause and unplug from daily responsibilities, is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. The value in retreating from the ‘noise’ of the world, of checking-out once in a while from online and offline demands and distractions; to practice returning to the self in the name of honoring the self and the path you have walked thus far; to take a week of respite care with the intention of nurturing, healing and restoring your entire being so you can return to your family and communities with more vitality and more to give.

That is the purpose of our Health and Wellness Retreats in the Macedon Ranges. To provide a sanctuary, a space for a retreat, is our service to the world.

We don’t believe in having to reach crisis point or to develop a major health issue to prompt you to tend to your wellbeing. While our team of practitioners, counselors and healers are available to support people through extreme circumstances, we also appreciate that simply living well in today’s highly stressful environment can be challenging and that anybody can benefit from retreating from the world as an act of self-care.

And there are cycles and transitions in life that require more support than others. Take the life-changing journey of parenthood, for example, and the impact of becoming a mother or father amidst career fluctuations, extended family responsibilities or suffering ill-health. Life has a way of initiating and awakening us often by throwing curve balls into the midst of challenging circumstances. The global pandemic is an example of how unexpected change and increased uncertainty can impact society as a whole, something no one can be prepared for and yet the human spirit rises to its best.

Respite care is something we all need at different times in our lives, especially when we have neglected our health having risen to new challenges. Our retreats offer you the opportunity to transcend the daily grind, the ordinary and the mundane, and step into existence beyond the everyday. To touch the extraordinary and remind ourselves that life is extraordinary, and that we are worthy of savoring and enjoying it, not just working hard for it.

The very action of retreating – defined as an act of withdrawing or moving back – could be viewed as both a sacred pause and an empowering step forward.

We have seen that even in forced lockdown scenarios in response to the global pandemic, people have chosen to use this space and time to tend to their health. To review their life purpose, question what might need adjusting in their habits and lifestyles; make new commitments to creating space for meditation, yoga or quietude in nature. It is a wise and conscious choice to tune into your own needs and go within, as well as take a firm stance to honor your wellbeing. To trust that unless your own cup is full you cannot adequately serve your loved ones and your passions.

In the quest to discover what your own needs are and how to tend to them, the spaciousness of a health retreat with the support of practitioners trained in holistic counseling, can guide you through a gentle transformational experience of healing and restoration. Some people need more ‘alone time’, others benefit from ‘talking it out.’ Being in nature restores our state of being to one that is high-vibrational and is calming for the soul.

Eating nourishing food prepared mindfully and with therapeutic properties in mind, gestures to the body that it is a temple we must honor. You might learn a new skill and educate yourself about health modalities and approaches that can be applied everyday to maintain wellness after the retreat is complete.

In many ways, going on retreat is a radical act of taking back control – from technology, from the expectations of others, from the habits you’ve slipped into under pressure, from the cycles of stress you’ve fallen into just to maintain a status quo. We can return to the purity of our inner-knowing without outsider influences and reclaim our time, space and energy. We can reconsider how and where we want to dedicate our precious chi, moving forward.

Taking respite and going on a retreat is a brave step towards freedom and a quiet statement to what’s no longer serving us, as a gentle bid farewell. To surrender and be held in an environment that is dedicated to prioritising your wellbeing – that is our gift to you.

With a hint of luxury, the blessing of a sound healing, massage and morning meditation, we arouse the soul and the senses away from ‘the doing’ and ‘the rushing’. We invite you to enter the heartspace through our jewel of healing retreats. Harmony, peace, relaxation and blissful contemplation awaits. This is your perfect state and a place within to return to, evermore.