Retreats and respite programs

It’s time for you to feel special

Maintaining a busy lifestyle is complex, with continuous emails and texts and relentless demands from all areas of our lives, creating the inevitable scenario of one being wired for action potentially 24/7. The resulting emergence of anxiety and fatigue states (burnout), restless sleeping patterns and poor dietary choices lead to a cascade of stress related conditions that affect your physical and emotional health, sense of self and personal relationships.

To interrupt this stress filled lifestyle epidemic we have created some unique wellness retreats to serve as a circuit breaker and wellness checkpoint so you can better define what’s required to sustain yourself, your personal relationships, your physical health and your emotional wellbeing.

Frontline retreats

Health and Emergency Professionals under incredible pressure require time to circuit break, nourish and recharge. Health and Wellness Retreats Australia has been assisting doctors, nurses, police officers, ambulance officers and those in the armed forces with our uniquely tailored health retreats for many years.

We have firsthand experience in helping workers better manage the stress of their incredibly important roles.  

We are uniquely positioned to assist workers who are on the front line of emergency situations and or experiencing compassion fatigue or moral fatigue who need support to help them manage the emotional and cognitive impacts of meeting the community need.

Offering private, bespoke accommodation and inhouse meals brought into your retreat. In addition to this we offer professional counselling and meditation to help our guests emotionally unpack stress and anxiety, to be better able to function effectively as a primary health care worker or high stress front line worker.

Our Frontline Retreats are for anyone who serves or has previously served on the front lines of the community – Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Military, Healthcare Workers & Volunteer Emergency Services.

We can customise a retreat to suit individuals or to meet compassionate corporate support to professional teams.


Becoming Whole

A retreat for carers

Becoming Whole is a life enriching retreat designed to help carers:

  • re-charge personal energy reserves,
  • re-connect more fully with your sense of self, and
  • explore skills and strategies that promote better outcomes
  • take greater care of oneself

as a means to create a stronger base for enduring care giving.

It’s normal to put your own needs and feelings aside while caring for someone who’s going through mental and physical health difficulties. This can be fine for a short time but it’s important to take care of yourself especially as time goes by.

The Becoming Whole Retreat includes beautiful accommodations, healthy and nutritious meals and a structured program of individual or small group workshops with individualized services and personal time.


Don’t just see the change – BE the change